To guarantee the best quality of service and to minimize your waiting time, it is essential and your responsibility to signal your need for assistance to your airline or your travel agency, as soon as you have booked your flight or at least 48 hours before the day of your departure.

Before departure

let us know!

Our advicesxxx

  • Detail your difficulties and specify your needs when making your reservation.
  • To verify that the request for assistance has been transmitted to the airport, we encourage you to call within 36h previous your flight your airline or travel agency (or airport: 0 826 800 826).
  • Remember that only one cabin luggage is allowed, according to your company's standards. In case of necessity, a baggage service offered by the airport.
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The day of departure:


Our advices

  • Go at least two hours before your departure to one of the reporting points. Get dropped off at the nearest terminals.

Where to report?


Passengers needing assistance can use all our car parks to benefit from the best rates according to the duration of their parking. They then have the choice to join the terminals in complete autonomy via the accessible PMR shuttles or to call on the assistance of the airport.

  • Notification of the need for assistance from all car parks on a simple call via the parking entrance terminal.
    From this report, the PMR time limits apply.

The assistance teams will arrive within 20 minutes maximum, if your request for assistance has been booked with the airline, or between 30 to 45 minutes of waiting if the request for assistance has not been reserved.

However, we strongly encourage our passengers requiring assistance to be dropped off at the nearest terminals.
To do this, they can decide:

  • to be dropped off either on the parking minutes and request a support via the terminal PMR made available to them
  • to be dropped off at the P0 car park closest to the terminals and ask for assistance by calling the P0 entrance terminal.


Dogs guide

Guide dogs accompanying a passenger with a sensory or physical disability who can also board the cabin are welcome at terminal terminals.