It’s holiday time! We’ve got everything sorted to guarantee a happy holiday, thanks to our brand spanking new FAMILY Experience. Step this way!


The FAMILY Experience will give you an easy ride. We’re offering you an adapted process, from planning your holiday on to stepping aboard your flight. We’ve got handy services for your little ones and your clan every step of the way.

  • Online advice to help you pack and plan for your trip
  • No stress at security checkpoints thanks to a dedicated queue
  • Practicality with easy-to-find baby changing facilities
  • Fun with play zones in waiting areas
  • No drama with self-service pushchairs available in the pre-boarding area
  • Surprises with activities all summer long: click here for details
  • Tasty treats with children’s menus in the airport restaurants

Nappies, food, and pushchairs: what you can (and can’t!) take with you

To keep our passengers safe and those tiny tummies happy, here’s a list of items you can keep with you after check-in.

If you’re travelling with a baby, nappies, milk, bottles of water for your baby’s bottle, small pots and small spoons are permitted in the quantities needed for the duration of your trip (outward journey, stay, and return journey). If you have expressed and frozen breast milk, you must put it in your hold luggage.

For pushchairs, make sure you check the size your airline allows if you want to take it in the cabin with you.

Enjoy your trip!

Hooray for top tips!

Children’s menus in our restaurants
Yummy! Kids will love the children’s menus available in most of the airport restaurants. There’s nothing like a full tummy to ensure kids are calm and happy.

Little treats for the journey
How about some reading, fun, and treats to make their journey an enjoyable experience? Head for RELAY and LOOPING to get something for your kids to read, a cuddly toy, or some sweets.

Bags... but not under your eyes
COMFORT hotels and NH HOTEL offer adjoining rooms for families. Alternatively, opt for a 4 or 5 person family room at IBIS BUDGET. You’ll have everything you need to get a good night’s sleep before your journey. Have a fantastic FAMILY Experience!

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